Considering the rising numbers of homeless veterans in our nation, you may wonder why this is happening. In addition to helping us better understand the needs of people in this situation, finding the root cause could also help in finding a solution. COGUM Global wants you to be aware of some common reasons why veterans become homeless:

Why do veterans become homeless? There are numerous factors that lead to homelessness among veterans. Current research shows that veterans with mental health disorders, substance abuse problems, or low incomes are at high risk of becoming homeless.

Are they more vulnerable than average citizens? A recent report shows that veterans struggling with an opioid addiction are more likely to become homeless. In fact, veterans are ten times more likely to experience homelessness than other citizens who are coping with the same addiction.

What conditions do veterans face that may contribute to them becoming homeless? Female veterans who are survivors of sexual trauma during their time in the service may be at greater risk for homelessness. Veterans who suffer from social anxiety, PTSD, or who have traumatic brain injuries are also at risk. These vulnerable groups may struggle to keep a steady job that pays adequate wages, meaning it’s harder for them to afford housing.

The COGUM Global team works to provide housing for homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC. Contact us today to learn more or to apply for affordable housing.