While you may not be able to tell it from the weather, there’s about a month of winter left. Typically, the winter brings more than a few cold, wet days that keep you indoors. If you’re looking for something to do that’s both fun and helpful for the community, consider volunteering. COGUM Global has some suggestions for how you can volunteer this winter in the Rock Hill, SC area:

  1. Work at a shelter – Contact your local shelters and see how you can help. Affordable housing is a serious issue in our state and many rely on community shelters to get by during the winter. Organizations need your help to provide care.
  2. Share meals – Make a meal for a friend, neighbors, or a family in need this winter. If you don’t enjoy cooking, donate non-perishable goods to a local food bank.
  3. Donate books – Donate books you no longer need to the library or other community groups. Share the knowledge and stories you love with others this winter.
  4. Help seniors – Seniors, especially those living in retirement homes, often feel lonely. Contact these facilities or services offering care for seniors living at home. Ask about ways you can help make someone’s day brighter this season.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities this winter in the Rock Hill and Charlotte area, give COGUM Global a call. Volunteering with us means you can help with our mission of creating sustainable community development and working for affordable housing in our community.