Here at COGUM Global, we have many opportunities that you can be a part of. We’re always in need of more volunteers to help us serve those in need. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, why don’t you join our team? Here are several reasons why you should consider volunteering with us:

  • History – COGUM Global was founded in October of 2011 by Vincent James. We took ownership of property in October 2012. Over the next three years, we helped transform the entire Woodland Park neighborhood in Rock Hill, SC into a blossoming community! Since then, our organization itself has grown immensely, allowing us to help many more people.
  • Mission – Our goal is to help communities throughout the Carolinas. We show them how to become sustainable and teach them how to grow economically. How do we accomplish this mission? With the help of dedicated volunteers, we’re able to provide affordable housing through property management and neighborhood revitalization efforts.
  • How can you help? – As a volunteer, you can help give us a new perspective as we work on our projects. You’ll provide aid to our communities by offering leadership and guidance to those in need as you help them live sustainable, healthy lives. You can also help us ensure that we have satisfactory resources to help further strengthen and grow our mission.

We’d be honored if you decide to volunteer with us. If you are interested, call COGUM Global and join our team!