Homelessness is a growing crisis in America. While many circumstances contribute to homelessness, the current housing market isn’t helping. A lack of low income and affordable housing means it’s harder for many people, including veterans, to afford clean, safe places to stay. At COGUM Global, we work to provide decent housing for those who need it. Our mission means we’re constantly evaluating the homelessness problem. Here are four trends we’re paying attention to.

  1. Homeless veterans – There are rising numbers of homeless veterans in the United States. Thankfully, specialized programs are on the rise to help these men and women get the housing and help they need.
  2. Homeless youth – There growing numbers of homeless youth under age 25 in our country. This crisis isn’t just about housing; it’s about the opportunities some children will never have.
  3. Chronic homelessness – Chronic homelessness occurs when a person experiences homelessness over a three-year time span. It is estimated that a quarter of homeless people fall into this category.
  4. Family homelessness – The number of homeless families is also increasing. In the majority of cases, at least one person in a homeless family is under the age of 18. But studies do show that nine out of 10 homeless families have some sort of shelter.

COGUM Global strives to provide affordable housing options and housing for homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas. Contact us to see how we can help you and your family.