While the American housing crisis affects many people, perhaps one of the most heartbreaking situations involves veterans. The rise in numbers of homeless veterans is due to many factors. As COGUM Global works to improve the situation, we want to share some statistics so you can better understand the issue.

How many vets are homeless in the U.S.? Research showed that over 39,000 veterans were homeless in 2016. While this is a considerable improvement over the number of homeless vets in 2010, our nation still has a long way to go. It’s also been determined that veterans make up a large portion of the homeless community.

What are the current demographics of homeless veterans? Almost all homeless veterans are single men. Over three-quarters live in cities as opposed to rural areas. Over 40 percent are in their fifties and over half have some sort of mental or physical disability. As you can see, there are numerous challenges facing this population. However, it’s expected that more and more young women will enter the ranks of homeless vets. This will require an adjustment in the services provided by many organizations.

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