Veterans’ Day was observed this week. But one day isn’t enough to commemorate all that these brave men and women have done for our country. How can you show veterans your gratitude? Here at COGUM Global, we provide homeless veterans services, so we believe in supporting this community however we can. Here are five ideas for how you can show your appreciation to the veterans in your life and your area:

  1. Send care packages – One great way you can show gratitude is by sending care packages to local veterans. Work with an organization to send items such as baked goods and toiletries to groups of veterans.
  2. Donate – Whether it’s money, services, clothes, or other items, donations greatly help veterans. Giving back to those who sacrificed for our country is the least we can do to show our thanks.
  3. Get involved in charity events – Are there local charity events in your area that support veterans? Sign up to volunteer or participate.
  4. Be a friend – If you know any veterans, find ways to befriend them. Veterans sometimes struggle to reenter society after returning from their service. Help them to feel like a part of your community.
  5. Say thanks – Finally, a simple “thank you” can do wonders. When you see a soldier or a veteran, thank them for their service.

COGUM Global offers services designed to meet the unique needs of veterans. Call us today if you’re a veteran who needs help or wants to learn more about our homeless veterans services.