As you may know, there’s a homeless crisis in our nation. Homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC are a particular concern for our team here at COGUM Global. Even after housing for the homeless veterans in our area is secured, there are still things that these brave men and women need. Here’s a brief overview of the services we provide for homeless veterans who participate in our programs:

  1. Substance abuse and mental health counseling – Getting the right help can do wonders for us all. This is especially true for homeless vets. This is why we strive to help veterans who are struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues find the right services they need to get back on their feet.
  2. Support groups and education classes – The staff at COGUM Global wants our clients to get the support they need. We’ll help you find the right support groups and classes for direction and guidance. Our education classes cover budgeting, relationship-building, financial planning, and other important life skills.
  3. Transportation – If you’re a veteran in our program who doesn’t have transportation, our volunteers can help. We can drive you to your appointments, work, or scheduled activities.

Contact COGUM Global if you’re a veteran who’s struggling to find adequate housing. Through our programs, we work diligently to find housing for the homeless veterans in our community. We’re here to help you.