COGUM Global’s staff and volunteer team works dutifully to find housing for the homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC. In addition to our Hospital to Housing program, we also offer a Low Demand Housing program.

How Our Low Demand Housing Program Works

The Low Demand Housing program is designed to help homeless veterans who are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse issues, as well as those who have struggled in other traditional housing programs. Veterans will stay in shared living quarters with one or two roommates. We provide 24-hour staffing to make sure residents have the help they need with medication management, meal preparation, and other daily tasks.

This program doesn’t require sobriety tests or require completion of treatment programs as a requirement for admission or continued housing. We try our best to keep demands low in this program, so we strive to make our caregiving environment as non-intrusive as possible. At the same time, there are rules in place to ensure safety for residents and staff. However, you can rest assured that as a resident, you will not be evicted due to minor rule violations.

Finally, this program encourages veteran residents to become involved in group activities, including classes and other programming. We believe that participation greatly benefits our residents’ health and well-being. However, residents are not required to participate in these activities.

To learn more about housing for the homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC, call COGUM Global. It’s just one of the ways we’re providing affordable housing for our community.