Choosing to participate in volunteer opportunities is a wonderful choice. There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer, which is great – but it can also be a bit overwhelming. It’s important for new volunteers to find the right match, so to speak. If a volunteer isn’t matched with the right organization or tasks, they could have a bad experience. COGUM Global has some advice for finding the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Why do you want to volunteer and what can you offer? Determine what you want to get out of the experience. Examine your own skill sets and talents, then try to find opportunities where you can fully use those skills to everyone’s benefit. Then consider how you want to make an impact and where you want to focus your work.

What does your schedule look like? Next, understand that availability plays a significant role in the volunteer opportunities you’ll be able to take on. If you have a full schedule, consider looking for small-scale ways to help.

Do you know anyone involved with organizations who need volunteers? Finally, it can be helpful to get involved in a volunteer community with people you already know. It can make the experience more fun and comfortable. Talk to friends and family members who volunteer and ask them about whether you can join them.

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