Here at COGUM Global, we’re concerned about the current housing crisis in our nation. We’ve shared information with you about trends related to homelessness, as well as with affordable and low-income housing. We’ve also shared common concerns people have regarding their affordable housing options. But this is just part of the story. Here are a few of the housing problems faced by low-income families.

  • High rent – Many low-income families aren’t able to own their own homes. Research shows that low-income families use almost 50% of their monthly income for rent. Unfortunately, rental properties are commanding higher and higher prices due to the tight housing market. The lack of affordable rentals is a major problem for many families.
  • Inadequate rental options – The high price of rent isn’t the only problem. Often, many families find that the homes they can afford aren’t in good condition. They may not be safe or may lack certain necessities like heating and air conditioning systems. Strict rental agreements are also an issue.
  • A sense of hopelessness – If adequate options are available, low-income families (especially those with children) may feel at a loss. They may wind up settling for anything that’s available, knowing that it’s not where they want to raise their children. Organizations like COGUM Global hope to remedy this problem by providing compassionate solutions to the housing problems in our community.

COGUM Global’s goal is to provide safe, low-income housing for people in Rock Hill, SC. Call to learn more about all of our community development services or apply online for affordable housing.