Two years ago, a study showed that there were more than 39,000 veterans without homes in our country. While this does represent a decrease from the percentage of homeless vets in 2010, we still have a long way to go when it comes to helping those who served our nation. The good news is that organizations across America are taking action, including COGUM Global. Here’s what you need to know about housing for the homeless veterans in our Rock Hill and Charlotte area communities.

  1. Why are the soldiers who served our country homeless? Sadly, many Americans don’t realize that our veterans are at a greater risk of homelessness than the average citizen. What’s causing this epidemic? Unfortunately, there are many factors that cause this problem. These include but are not limited to mental disorders, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, lack of social or family support, substance abuse, employment history, and a low monetary income.
  2. Are there federal programs that can help homeless veterans? Yes, there are federal programs that are designed to offer veterans housing. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is able to provide aid to veterans who have an eligible discharge status. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers help, too. However, they don’t make a veteran’s discharge status a qualifying factor.
  3. What can you do to help? You can help homeless veterans by supporting organizations like ours who advocate for affordable housing. Encouraging your friends and family to support the cause, too.

If you’re a veteran who’s struggling to find affordable housing, contact COGUM Global today to see how we may be able to help with housing for the homeless. We can also help you learn more about how we support homeless veterans in Rock Hill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.