Improving a community can take a lot of time and hard work. But all the effort is truly worth it when you see the results. To better understand the importance of this work, COGUM Global wants to explain six of the core values surrounding community development.

  1. Collaboration and inclusion – A large part of community development revolves around two major values: group inclusion and collaboration. Healthy teamwork is crucial in order for a community development project to succeed.
  2. Meaningful participation and change – Speaking of teamwork, it’s essential to understand that your participation is needed for a greater purpose. Your contributions have significant meaning and value as you move your community towards change.
  3. Respect – Respect for your community and others is so important in this process. Without it, the change that’s needed will not be possible. Focusing on solidarity and being respectful of others is a large part of the process.
  4. Strengths-based assets – A goal of community development is to strengthen the overall strength of the community and its residents.
  5. Integrity – No good work can be accomplished without integrity. We need honest, dutiful people who value their community and actively seek out positive change for everyone.
  6. Hope – There’s no more important quality for community development than hope. Change starts with individuals, then it grows as we work together with hope for a better, more fruitful future.

If you would like to learn more about community development, contact COGUM Global. See how you can help the Rock Hill community become even better.