With the spike in U.S. real estate prices and not enough affordable housing available, finding a safe place to live can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of money to work with. Add to this the fact that many people have had bad experiences with low-income housing. These concerns are understandable. COGUM Global wants to address these concerns and to tell you more about how we help those in need of affordable housing:

  1. Isn’t public housing considered a “last resort” option? Many people worry that low-income homes or apartments come with a stigma. The stereotypical view of this type of housing is that of a “last resort.” However, this is certainly not the case. Many different types of people from all social classes choose to live in low-cost homes and neighborhoods.
  2. Is it true that low-income housing is in bad condition? Unfortunately, there will always be landlords, tenants, and homeowners who don’t maintain their properties. While some low-income housing may have broken air conditioning and other problems, services like ours take pride in creating safe, comfortable places for people to live.
  3. How do I know if a low-income home or apartment is right for me? It all comes down to research, help, and a bit of faith. There are options out there that provide the safety and security you and your family need. Reach out to services like ours when you need an affordable home that’s in good condition.

Get help finding affordable housing in Rock Hill, SC by calling COGUM Global today. We provide community development services that put people first.