Community development can do a lot for a neighborhood or city’s health and safety, but it can also leave a lasting impact in the lives of residents who are involved in making these changes. Here are a few things COGUM Global has noticed in the residents we’ve worked with in our community development and affordable housing efforts in Rock Hill, SC:

  1. New style of learning by giving – Studies show that when people give their service and time to their local community, they learn new social skills and learn more about themselves than in many other activities.
  2. Opens eyes to new perspectives – Residents involved in developing communities are discovering new perspectives through the lives and circumstances of others. They also discover the power they have to influence change to make life better for everyone.
  3. Gives hope for positive changes – By working on creating sustainable communities, volunteers can see firsthand how their impact is creating real, positive change in the lives of others. This creates a feeling of hope and joy for the volunteers as well!
  4. Strengthens public engagement – With all these new perspectives, skills, and positive results, we’ve noticed that volunteers tend to become more involved in public service. For example, they’re more likely to become involved in other organization and attend city council meetings.

Are you interested in creating a sustainable community or investing in affordable housing in the Rock Hill, SC area? If so, contact COGUM Global today. We have many opportunities, including volunteering, for you to become involved. We welcome you to our mission of helping communities grow stronger together.