Taking the time to improve your community is commendable. If you’re looking for ways to volunteer, you may hear about community work and community development services. What do these two terms mean? COGUM Global is here to explain.

Community Work – Community work is done by groups that often use teams of volunteers to make a difference. Local nonprofits set up many community work opportunities. The opportunities may also be generated within communities by community members. The goals of these organizations and their projects will revolve around specific goals or missions. Community work activities can be either short-term or long-term in nature.

Community Development – In contrast, community development efforts tend to be long-term ventures. The goals and objectives of such initiatives revolve around specific ways to boost the area’s overall value, health, and growth. Community development projects are broad and require a sizable effort from all involved. With this type of development, the focus is placed on process more than programs. Outcomes that produce serious change take time to develop.

Both of these options produce many positive benefits for communities. If you’re interested in volunteering with our community development services in Rock Hill, SC, contact COGUM Global today to see how you can help your neighbors.