Our nation’s current housing crisis has caused many people with lower incomes to turn to public housing. Unfortunately, public housing has a number of flaws. Here are four common issues with public housing that illustrate why COGUM Global works so tirelessly to help people find affordable low income housing that’s safe and in good condition.

  1. Public housing can be hard to find – Current research shows that there aren’t enough public housing units available to meet the demand. Many people are placed on long waiting lists. It can take months, if not years, for a unit to come open.
  2. Units are often low quality – Sadly, many public housing options aren’t in great condition. Studies show that over half of public housing options are considered are not in good condition. There may be structural issues like leaks or issues of convenience like broken appliances.
  3. Public housing has a negatively impact on local property values – Generally speaking, there is a negative perception of public housing. This causes surrounding property values to drop. Although this doesn’t directly affect the people living in public housing, it does increase the amount of resistance from local homeowners.
  4. Money management has been a problem – There are also cases where public housing funds have been mismanaged. This contributes to the way this service is perceived.

For these reasons and many more, COGUM Global continues to work to find affordable low income housing options for people in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas. Contact us today to see how we can be of service to you and your family.