COGUM Global’s History

COGUM Global is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focusing on economic and sustainable community development and stabilization throughout the Carolinas. We accomplish this by providing affordable housing through property management and neighborhood revitalization. The organization was founded in October 2011 by Vincent James.

Our current community, Woodland Park, is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. All units are occupied in this affordable housing community, but most are in dire need of repairs.

When the property was acquired in October 2012, there were only five houses that were habitable. That’s out of the 67 in the portfolio COGUM Global purchased. At the time, no rent was being paid to the owners or management company. Over the next three years, COGUM Global transformed Woodland Park into a community that’s on the rise, with all units occupied and a list of over 65 families waiting for a home, a number that we see increase daily.

Since October of 2012, a three-year plan was implemented:

Year One: Stabilize the community by renovating the remaining houses. (Two burned, which left a total of 65.)

Year Two: We hired more staff to serve residents in our newly renovated units. In 2014, we hired a full-time property manager. This gave us a more hands-on approach to interacting with our tenants as opposed to absentee property management that leaves a void within the community. We also brought on two full-time maintenance / construction workers to help with repairs and renovation.

Year Three: We hired a community development manager to develop community partnerships and engage the Woodland Park community in mind, body, and spirit.

Year Four: We added a full-time social worker to work with families in tackling issues like money management, unemployment, health, etc.