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4 Common Problems With Public Housing

Our nation's current housing crisis has caused many people with lower incomes to turn to public housing. Unfortunately, public housing has a number of flaws. Here are four common issues with public housing that illustrate why COGUM Global works so tirelessly to help...

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3 Concerns of Residents in Low-Income Housing

With the spike in U.S. real estate prices and not enough affordable housing available, finding a safe place to live can be difficult if you don't have a lot of money to work with. Add to this the fact that many people have had bad experiences with low-income housing....

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4 Trends in American Homelessness

Homelessness is a growing crisis in America. While many circumstances contribute to homelessness, the current housing market isn't helping. A lack of low income and affordable housing means it's harder for many people, including veterans, to afford clean, safe places...

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4 Trends in Low Income & Affordable Housing

There's a real estate boom in many parts of the United States, including South Carolina. This has led to a short supply of affordable and low income housing in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas. To find the housing you need, COGUM Global wants you to be aware of...

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3 Types of Services Homeless Veterans May Need

As you may know, there's a homeless crisis in our nation. Homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC are a particular concern for our team here at COGUM Global. Even after housing for the homeless veterans in our area is secured, there are still things that these brave men...

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What Is the Low Demand Housing Program?

COGUM Global’s staff and volunteer team works dutifully to find housing for the homeless veterans in Rock Hill, SC. In addition to our Hospital to Housing program, we also offer a Low Demand Housing program. How Our Low Demand Housing Program Works The Low Demand...

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What Is the Hospital to Housing Program?

The staff and volunteers at COGUM Global actively seek out ways to find housing for the homeless in the Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC area. This includes helping homeless veterans. Hospital to Housing is one part of that particular program. Here's a brief overview...

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3 Things to Know About Homeless Vets in America

Two years ago, a study showed that there were more than 39,000 veterans without homes in our country. While this does represent a decrease from the percentage of homeless vets in 2010, we still have a long way to go when it comes to helping those who served our...

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