About COGUM Global:
Local Charity & Non-Profit Providing Volunteer Opportunities & Affordable Housing

Church of God Unchanged Ministries (COGUM) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation founded by Vincent James. COGUM Global was originally intended to provide spiritual awareness, education, and training to improve the overall quality of life for its constituents. However, Mr. James soon realized that the organization needed to broaden its mission by positively impacting the community. Today, we proudly provide affordable housing and volunteer opportunities for people in our area.

Economic and Community Development

COGUM Global is proud to focus on economic and community development and stabilization in North Carolina and South Carolina. Currently, we are aiding the housing needs and personal needs of community members in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC and Rock Hill, SC. Our current community development project, Woodland Park, is made-up of 67 single family residential units. This community near the heart of downtown Rock Hill, SC had many homes that needed many repairs in order to be livable.

Throughout the last 24 months, we have reinvested proceeds to rehabilitate 62 homes. Since then, all of those units have been rented and deposits have been received on the remaining three, and two more will be rebuilt.

COGUM Global is extending its growth by developing 200 units in Rock Hill, SC off of Highway 901. This project will consist of single-family, multi-family, and assisted living. In addition, we have a joint venture with Sycamore in Charlotte, NC. We will partner to develop 400 units in a project called Sycamore at Gateway. Two hundred of these units will be designated for veterans.

The end-goal of COGUM Global’s community development and stabilization projects is to improve the communities, enhance individual lives, provide jobs, and provide accessible housing solutions to local community members.